Terms & Conditions

  • Read these terms and conditions carefully before using the services provided by the website.
  • If you do not agree to the terms and conditions do not use the website or services.
  • By using the website you agree to the terms and conditions without any exceptions.

    These terms are for Centriol and affiliates.

    It is a service for activity, online table reservations, and admission charges to venues which sometimes requires deposits or other payments.

    The reservations are processed (accepted or declined) by the venues themselves. Payments are managed by Centriol, on behalf of the venues, but are only charged if the reservation is accepted by the venue.

    The client is considered to have given their digital signature by requesting a reservation, and is therefore bound to the reservation and these terms and conditions.

    We operate from Montreal, Quebec, and plan on promoting this product across North America. The laws of Montreal, Quebec apply, should we go to court. The users must be 18 years of age to use our system and navigate the website.

    These terms are in English, and so will other correspondence.

    Centriol is not responsible for the legality of the Venues in any capacity. We are a paid agent assisting in their promotion efforts (a hired marketing company). We do not operate the venues nor own any of the goods sold.

    Users of any of our services must be made by the legal age allowed to use that respective service. We are not responsible is underage persons access our website and purchase any of our services. It is up to the venues to manage the legality of their clients.

    We are not responsible for any liability related to any venue.

    Payments, cancellations, and refunds:
    • Deposit is withdrawn from credit card only once reservation is confirmed by the venue
    • If venue declines the reservation, or does not confirm the reservation, the credit card will not be charged
    • Cancellations:
      • Deposit is reimbursed / no Cancellation Fee applies if:
      • it is cancelled by the time set by the venue prior to the reservation time
      • Deposit is NOT refundable / or Cancellation Fee applies if:
        • If cancelled within the time set by the venue prior to the reservation time “no show” is when the client does not cancel their reservation, and does not show up for his reservation
        • Venue refuses to honor the reservation because of any difference between the reservation request and the actual reservation attendees. For example:
          • Reservation time is not respected
          • Not of legal age
          • Violation of venue’s Dress code requirements
          • Gender request does not match
          • Number of guests does not match
          • Identification of attendees are deemed unacceptable
          • Venue’s discretion for any other reason

    We keep the right to waive, for the 1st occurrence, the non-refundable deposit.

    If a client feels he is entitled to a refund for any reason, he should send us his request in writing within 48 hours of his reservation, with any supporting documentation (photos, names of those involved, etc). We need some kind of proof to believe the client.

    Efforts to refund payments will be made in cases of force majeure.

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